The final series of Bosch is fantastic. It’s a hard-boiled police procedural with basically zero exposition, based on the Michael Connelly books.

It never signposts bloody anything, and it plays all sorts of compositional games to keep you guessing. We see the characters doing mundane stuff all the time, so the usual trope-spotting of ‘why are we seeing them walk to the car? something’s going to happen’ doesn’t work. They like to put open doors in the background for the same reason.

It’s the proper Bosch of the books, too. He’s the moral capstone. “Everyone counts or nobody counts”, and everything flows from there.

This show was a slow burn. I thought the first few series were a bit dodgy. There was too much single-episode drama that didn’t ring true – people getting kidnapped and then being all fine by the next episode/day etc. But it hit its stride around series 4, and was excellent through to the end of this one (7).

Thankfully it’s not actually the end, by all accounts – it’s moving studio and it sounds like there’ll be a straight continuation.